Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Stopmo Joy!

I just got back from seeing the new Wallace and Grommit flick! SO MUCH FUN! It's a great contrast to Corpse Bride. Super-loose and cartoony, with wonderful action sequences and a gag-a-minute script. The two films show the full range of what is possible with stopmotion.....anything! Congratulations to all the amazing artists and animators at Aardman who brought this film to life! Everyone needs to get out there and see it!


Blogger twin turbohed said...

good shit! saw it monday night. I sat in the last row right in the center and just soaked every frame up. That is the tastiest, butteriest bundle of cartoony fun I have experienced in a long, long time!!
Tastful use of 2's, just chunky and choppy enough to feel like a cartoon, but smooth enough to melt in your brain like a head jelly savior.
Thank you Aardman and Nick Park for proving you can DO THAT with puppets and a tight little script...and thank you DreamWorks for not fucking it up!

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