Sunday, August 21, 2005

Between frames.

I was thinking about the stuff that goes on between frames today while I was working on shot 33. Many people feel that one of the differences between stop-motion and computer animation has to do with the process with which the movement is created. I feel that all stop-motion animation has a special energy to it- which is why even a beginner's stopmo is more interesting to me than much of the CGI out there. The stopmo animator is having a physical interaction with the puppet every frame. Time folds as an hour of work results in a second or two of finished animation. During the moments between frames, the animator is forcing his or her will on the inanimate, coaxing it to life. Focusing thoughts into tangible, real stuff. And as with any creative act, the mental state fluctuates throughout the process. All sorts of thoughts and feelings bounce around in my head as I am animating. Frame 10, feeling good. Frame 30, should I take a break? Frame 76, worried about work. Frame 125, I really gotta' pee. Is it possible that these moments aren't completely separate from the animation, and that the energy exchange between the animator and the puppet is somehow reflected in the final product? I sure don't know, but it's something to think about...


Blogger twin turbohed said...

You are getting at the very essence of the art form. It is a performance, much like acting on stage. The puppet animator must feel some level of responsibility to the shot.
Some say that to be truly free to express artistically one must be extremely objective.
The other day I had a tough scene that fell apart because I had a shot of Jameson too early. It stole my objective edge and I lost the momentum and vision. It can turn on a dime. If I was on the computer, I would have tilt the bottle and fixed that crap in the morning, right?

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