Sunday, July 03, 2005


Yesterday I finally got back to shooting shots with the Chemical Kid. The new puppet is done, and I am sooooo into it. The little ball and socket armature is a HUGE improvement! Creamy, smooth and sturdy. The new face controls I added also seem to have made the character more expressive. I was having fun seeing how many emotions I could get him to show. I'm pretty happy with the first new shot, though adjusting from shooting on 2's at 30fps (at work) to 1's at 24fps (my film) is a jolt to the system. Moves get fast and poppy really quick, and I felt like I was moving in slow motion averaging 20-30 frames an hour. It doesn't help that the CK is a really small puppet, just under five inches tall. In his close-ups any little bit of hair or fuzz that sticks to him shows up as a tree branch.


Blogger twin turbohed said...

I want to say that the Chemical Kid looks great, but that would be a lie...He looks NASTY! He has the best lower lip HERPES going (puts mine to shame, even). You need to remind him to wipe his mouth when ever he spits radio-active stomach bile everywhere!

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