Monday, May 09, 2005

Chemical Kid version 2

Puppets get worn out- and like a favorite old pair of shoes, it's hard to part with them even when they are barely useful. The Chemical Kid has reached this point of no return and it is time for him to be reborn. This time he has a nice shiny armature from Wuchan at Clay-mate. I spent yesterday and today fitting the armature into the mold and building a custom head armature. The head is a combination of Wuchan's stock joints, re-worked and added to with pieces I machined.

Here are the all the pieces that make up the head- painted with grey primer since brass and foam latex don't get along:

Here is the assembled head:

The complete armature- a really tiny one:

And a shot to show how the armature will fit into the head:

So now the armature is sealed up in the mold awaiting the loving embrace of foam. If all goes well, the puppet could be cast and ready to paint by the end of the week!


Blogger Flint said...

Ethan, great use of wire for the facial movements!

Hey, I am a beginning stop motion animator from colorado but am in San Diego right now working on a live action student film with a friend and we have some down time right now, and I was wondering if I could come an meet you and talk some shop some time this week or next week. It isn't often that I am in California and would love to meet a fellow animator and talk the "Craft" if you are up for it?

Let me know if you are interested, and thanks for your time.

Justin F W

2:02 AM  
Blogger happyorangeguy said...

wow, that armature's really cool. How did you learn to make armatures like that? You do a course or did you just practice? Can you e-mail me in reply if that's not too much bother -

3:20 PM  

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