Friday, May 06, 2005

Back to work!

Welcome to the new location for Angry Puppet FIlms. After seeing the great blog sites that some of my stopmo brothers have created, I decided to follow in their footsteps. I'm hoping the blog format will make it easier to keep information about my project current- I have never been very HTML savy so maybe this will help me.

My name is Ethan Marak and I have been working professionally as an animator for over ten years. I got my start in stop-motion on a show called Bump in the Night where I learned from some real masters and made some life long friends. I've enjoyed a career in animation with both puppets and pixels, but my true love is stopmo.

This blog will chart the progress of my personal project that as yet doesn't have a locked title. I have been working on and off during weekends and down time for the last five years or so. My hope is that I will get it completed in the next year or two. It's hard to get much done when you are working a fifty-hour week, but I have all of May to work and I am setting up my studio in a garage at the house we just moved to. Moving- yeesh. The shots I have completed on my film have been accomplished in three different studio spaces. My wife and I have moved frequently between the LA and San Francisco Bay areas over the past few years for work. Hopefully I can put down roots in the new place long enough to complete my film.

This blog will be loaded with pictures- but just to get the ball rolling, here's one of my characters....The Chemical Kid.


Blogger twin turbohed said...

Shimmie-Shay on da timmie-tay!

7:31 AM  
Blogger twin turbohed said...

Shimmie-Shay on da timmie-tay!

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