Monday, July 25, 2005

On simplification....

I just finished Shot 30 yesterday. Ten long hours in that wonderful 100 degree garage, suffering through my most complex shot so far. I really beat myself up for this five seconds. This is the first time I've walked the Chemical Kid, and his short little legs didn't make it easy. That in addition to the complex camera move and the weird high angle perspective on him made this shot a real beast. It got me thinking about the rest of my script, and about simplifying some of the shots to make getting this thing done a bit easier. I love pushing stopmo into that cool cinematic big-screen world, but I'm getting realistic now, and I need to trim things down.


Blogger Tennessee Reid said...

These are the conditions the critics and the playhaters never contemplate!

Keep the faith my brother...and remember...
Freedom Through Limitations

7:53 AM  
Anonymous edermike said...

E- looks cool!
I wanna check on that multi-access camera move. How'd that work out? It's a tough hand-mo.

9:59 AM  

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