Friday, July 22, 2005


All set to shoot shot number 30 this weekend. Realized last Sunday that there was no way I could set up and shoot this involved of a shot all in one day, so I did all the prep work and shot a pop thru. I'm glad I did since it revealed a lot of little technical problems. Plus- I was able to show the pop thru around and I got some great feedback and suggestions. I have a few tweeks to do to the lighting and then it's time to shoot!


Blogger Tennessee Reid said...


EDude that looks sooo PHAT track!

Can not wait to see.

- T

9:03 AM  
Blogger twin turbohed said...

Thanks for sharing the shot. It looks sooooo gooood. You have multiple axis camera moving, and character walking in and out of shadows. You are the dreamer of fresh things, broseph. Thank you for taking me to your dark and wonderful world.

12:29 AM  

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