Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm down with downtime!

I had my last day on "Moral Orel" on Friday! I am now free for a few weeks to concentrate on having fun with what's left of the summer and working on my film. I had my first Misha Klein style late-nighter on shot 33a. I was jammed up on this shot from the start, since it had a lot of technical things that were working against me. First of all- CK is crawling down the side of the tower which is only about three feet off the ground. The camera is on the floor looking up. I had to animate from a sitting position in a rolling chair, which sounds fine until you're in it for hours and your ass falls asleep. Another "bunchy" factor was that the character had to be supported using fishing line from above, which inevitably leads to certain frames where you just can't quite get the pose you want. I spent a half hour on some frames trying to balance him into place, and had to restart the shot when things started going badly. Finished take 2 at 2am in a bleary-eyed moment of inspiration. Like every shot I've ever done there are ten or twelve things I'd like to fix, but I'm trying to stick to "does it work with the sequence and tell what it needs to?". If it passes that test it stays in the film. Plus- I never want to animate from a chair again.


Blogger RedVine said...

I like that you used the word bunchy in your post, Bunchy. Who knew animating from a comfy chair was a bad idea.

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