Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sculpting Hero

This has been a crazy busy week! More progress has been made on my film in the last seven days than in the last month- and it is largely due to the generous help I've been getting from my talented friends.

First off, my good friend Mike Murnane came down from San Francisco to sculpt the other main character he designed for my film. Mike's design kung-fu is strong, and he's got the sculpting skills to match. The character is looking amazing- I can't wait to make him come to life!

Second, I was able to record two of the three voices for the film through the generosity and skills of my friend Dick Kaneshiro. You may remember Dick from a past installment of my blog, when he helped me shoot a shot with his home-brew motion control unit. Dick's regular job is in sound engineering, and he managed to hook me up with some free studio time. It was a blast to actually record my actors in a top-rate studio, and Dick was a champ to donate his time on a Saturday.

Below you can see Dick at the controls (sort of, he doesn't want his image revealed) and Mike doing a voice for me.

Lastly, I completed a new set and started shooting the reverse angles of my Robot Warden character. I've got two shots in the can and his personality is revealing itself to me a little more with each one. The puppet is all hand built out of mostly kit-bashed model parts over a Tom Brierton hinge joint armature.

More updates soon along with the promised "teaser" trailer!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Digging in deep.

Wow- it's been a long time since my last post. While it may seem my film has slowed to a stop, in reality things are moving forward faster than ever! In the hiatus between seasons of Moral Orel and Robot Chicken I have a nice chunk of time to devote entirely to my film. New characters are finally being made, sets are being built and the biggest accomplishment yet- I locked my script and am recording the voices! In addition to that I have cut a short "teaser" trailer to show a quick glimpse into the world I am creating. Check back here soon for the link!