Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The next part...

Very soon I will have some new stuff to show here in the blog. I've been working on a puppet (of sorts) to go with the console set below. It is a half-scale robot arm that I have been putting together out of bits of this and that from my bins of parts. You can never have too many parts. What may look like piles of junk is pure raw material for model building. I have saved so much stuff over the years that I have fifteen or so big plastic bins out in the studio filled with everything from model parts from kits to trashed electronic components. I'll be the first to admit I cannot design well on paper. My ideas come best when I am just noodling around with random pieces, seeing what fits together and looks cool. Sculpting with shapes.


Blogger twin turbohed said...

bash it to bitz
my nitz
evr time i blush
you blitz

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