Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sound Design!

The first act of SuperBattle is locked! I met with a couple of very talented sound designers yesterday and they have agreed to take on the sound FX and perhaps even the music! I will have time to put the final bit of polish on some of the shots while that is being done. I am also going to try and edit together a new SuperBattle trailer to post here on my blog so you can see a little of Brawl Magnet in action!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Making cuts.

Well here I am again, laid off between projects at Shadow Animation. It is actually a welcome break and I am using the time to make a final push to complete the first act of SuperBattle. I've been cutting things down and reworking some sections to make the action flow better. There are still a couple of shots in there I need to re-shoot but they are fine as placeholders. My goal is to get this chunk locked for sound design- it is coming in at about six minutes thirty seconds.